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Easy vs hard…and a mama’s prayer

Pinch me….my kids are growing up. I’ve always been the mama who has looked forward to and often rushed milestones. Things will get easier when they can feed themselves; when they can walk; when they can talk; when they can … Continue reading

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Another “count my blessings” post

It ain’t all pretty. In fact, it’s sometimes downright ugly. There are meltdowns, blowouts (quite frequent with the little man of the house), after school escorts by an unhappy teacher, standoffs, ugly words, and ugly actions by a mama who … Continue reading

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The fire that could have been so much worse

I come from a long line of female “self fixers”. My mama is the most notorious of all. Unfortunately, we’re the worst kind of self fixers. We love instant gratification and tend to shy away from fixing things the “right … Continue reading

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Finding my inner whooper

Between balancing life as a mama, a wife, an errand runner, and a slave to my sewing machine, I’ve been busy. Not too busy to watch Housewives. Or to play on facebook. Not too busy to read books to MR … Continue reading

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We decorated for the occasion (on a shoe string budget)… A make you feel good, easy project for just $5…buy a straw wreath at your local craft store, wrap sections of grosgrain ribbon around it, and add seasonal embellishments. Another … Continue reading

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The last week

I’m quite certain that the good people in Waycross, Georgia are some of the best people around. In fact, their presence and constant flow of casseroles, meat trays, and sweets are what got us through the depths of the last two weeks.   … Continue reading

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Taking it one day at a time

The last week has probably been the toughest time in my life. Never before have I felt such sadness. What started out as a fun-filled week at the beach, ended with a telephone call around midnight with the tragic news that … Continue reading

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The good, the bad, and the cute

I always like to hear good news first, so here goes… Thanks to the grace of God and your prayers, Marie is well on her way to recovery. The blood clots are beginning to shrink and if all continues to … Continue reading

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