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We are now excepting applicants for a full time, live in barber that can tame a 10 month old’s hair… Since we’re on week 3 of sick kids, we are also willing to pay big bucks to the person that … Continue reading

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Two sick kids

If I were smarter, I would paint my car yellow and accept the fact that I will be a bus driver for the next fifteen years of my life. I would say goodbye to my favorite pediatrician, who is a … Continue reading

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Progress, a visit from Meme and Papa Joe, and a graduate

Remember the last post about my inability to complete my to do list? I’m proud to report that we’re finally making some progress around the Harvey household. Wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that we’ve been … Continue reading

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The reality

I haven’t showered in two days. I am knee deep in frizzy hair, runny noses, toys, and sewing projects. The picture above is my reality. I need to get organized. I want to paint, add molding to the hallway, landscape … Continue reading

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Mothers Day Weekend

A few years ago, I would have turned my nose up at a celebratory weekend of hiking, sprinklers, and “early” morning church services. Back then, my idea of a good Mothers Day would have been brunch at a trendy restaurant, … Continue reading

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The start of something special

MR has just recently started playing with her little brother. Up until the last month or so, she could take him or leave him. But, things started to change when little brother learned to crawl. He quickly become her instant … Continue reading

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Another “count my blessings” post

It ain’t all pretty. In fact, it’s sometimes downright ugly. There are meltdowns, blowouts (quite frequent with the little man of the house), after school escorts by an unhappy teacher, standoffs, ugly words, and ugly actions by a mama who … Continue reading

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