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The Reester Bunny

Today was as good as any for an Easter photo shoot. Out came the chair, the camera, and my sweet little girl who gets sweeter by the day. Mary Reese, your dad and I just cannot get enough of you!

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Bizshe, Bizshe bee’s

“Bizshe”, another one of Mary Reese’s new words. I’ve explained to MR that being “bizshe” is a good thing, but that sometimes, it means neglecting the things that you love. For instance, my blog. Or exercising. Or taking showers and … Continue reading

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Pink Converse and tractors

I’ve got more pictures than you could shake a stick at. Three hundred and twenty one to be exact. Here’s a look at our weekend trip to Griffin. As you can see, farm life definitely suits sweet MR! Get ready … Continue reading

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When I think of Spring, I think of…

Spring flowers, which I have been known to illegally pick. Spring Cleaning with new, smell good products. Nothing excites me more than a new bottle of Windex; it will clean almost anything!. The Spring get in shape club, which I … Continue reading

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Whale isn’t she something…

at least she thinks she is. And we would have to agree. Last night, we took MR to the Market Village for the St Patrick’s day celebration. The Aveda salon was the highlight of the evening. MR ran into the … Continue reading

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Add these to your recipe box

You don’t have to leave your home to travel oversees. Thanks to Betty Crocker, last week was deemed International week at the Harvey  house. Tired of meatball Monday and taco Tuesday, I decided to branch out and try a few recipes. … Continue reading

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Our future is looking bright

Who knew that a sewing machine and a few yards of fabric could make me this happy? Im up to 20 orders now and having the time of my life! Thank you all so much for supoporting me on this journey. … Continue reading

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“Bosh” (Boss)

is his nickname. His smile is contagious and his laughter more than fills the room. He’s got us all wrapped around finger and I can’t remember life without him. What a true blessing it was to spend the weekend with my niece and … Continue reading

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