Petey Pie’s Children’s Clothing

Growing up in the deep south, I learned early in life that classic clothing meant smocked dresses and john-johns. Patterns and colors would change with the seasons, but Sundays remained the same. Siblings were dressed in matching outfits and paraded into church under the admiring eyes of the congregation. Parent and child alike stirred restlessly as noon approached, anticipating the traditional Sunday lunch at Grandma’s. Freshly starched linens faded from view as the table was covered with fried chicken, steaming casseroles, and fresh vegetables from the garden.

Years passed and names changed — Mom to “Gran C”, and mine to “Mom”. My daughter, whom we lovingly nicknamed Petey Pie, is both the namesake and inspiration behind my clothing line. Her free spirit and contagious smile, along with fond memories of my childhood, are in every colorful design I create!
Petey Pie’s – fun, casual clothing for every day of the week.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Hello, I’m interested in ordering a Birthday set for my daughter who will be turning 1 on November 25th. I know this is pretty short notice, but I was wondering if it’d be possilbe to order gift set before her birthday, and of course approx. how much the gift set would be.
    Thank you,

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