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Made with love

Because elephants are both sweet and silly and more importantly, always in season, I decided to make MR a new outfit. Hopefully this one will get her through until the warmer weather arrives. Note: I am fully aware that babygirl … Continue reading

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The good, the bad, and the cute

I always like to hear good news first, so here goes… Thanks to the grace of God and your prayers, Marie is well on her way to recovery. The blood clots are beginning to shrink and if all continues to … Continue reading

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Prank calls, ickers, and an update

Sweet Mary Reese is wide open these days. She tears through the house like a Tasmanian devil, laughing and squealing as she goes. She a mess, alright. Prank calls and stickers are amongst two of her favorite things. A few … Continue reading

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Prayers for Marie {Updated}

Please lift up Garrett’s cousin, Marie, who is in dire need of your prayers. Earlier today Marie was admitted to the ER after experiencing breathing problems. After several tests, the doctors determined that she has 3 small blood clots in one … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day

Yesterday could have been a Lifetime movie. I’m sure if it had been, Meridith Baxter would have played me. The setting would have included a beautiful, sunny afternoon, lots of baking, and a pretty little girl dressed in red. You … Continue reading

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M is for…

Max. That’s what MR calls Big Daddy these days. Apparently they are on a first name basis after their visit last weekend. Mine. My least favorite word has now become one of my daughters favorite phrases. She says it constantly. And … Continue reading

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Just what we needed

G transformed the living room into an office with a view. I reconnected with my sewing machine and learned to applique (with a view). We walked barefoot on the beach. Held hands. And pretended to be 20 again. We watched … Continue reading

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Snow birds

The high today is 29. 29 degrees in the South is equivalent to sub zero temperatures in the northeast. It is cold. Real cold. We’re drinking plenty of hot chocolate, wearing gloves and hats, and snuggling under blankets to keep … Continue reading

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