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Perfectly proportional and full of sass

On Wednesday, sweet MR went in for her 15 month checkup. Besides “sshhing” the crying babies in the waiting room and “no, no, noing” a mom on her cell phone, she did perfectly! We love big babies in our family, … Continue reading

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Sew, your mama makes your clothes

Back in the 80′s, it seemed that every kid in school had a pair of jams. Comfortable, brightly colored fabric made these shorts a fashion must. I, too, wanted in on the action and can vividly remember begging my mom … Continue reading

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Sweet Georgia peach

At 16 months, she knows how to say “please” and “thank you”. She waves to every passerby and never leaves the room without blowing a kiss and saying “bye bye”. Her smile is contagious. And she smiles a lot. She laughs … Continue reading

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Another life lesson from Petey Pie

I should have known it was going to be one of those days when… A flock of black birds visited my yard, woke up a sleeping MR, and made Little Rosy a bathroom stop,   I had to rescue MR from … Continue reading

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Frugal and fancy free

Every Sunday, I spend about thirty minutes planing the menu for the week. It’s not my favorite task, but something that we must do in order to achieve our grocery budget. This past week, while planning, I was thrilled to discover that a … Continue reading

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Oh no she di’int

MR made it very clear that my singing was not up to par while listening to the Elmo song. Ssshhhing, shaking her finger, and shouting “no, no, no,” was all the hint I needed to keep my singing voice to myself. While … Continue reading

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She’s got some handmade hot pants

This little girl loves all things polka dots, so polka dots it is! These pants are far from perfect and definitely not worthy of out of the house attire, but I had so much fun making them! And at just … Continue reading

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Sweeter than this

  Alright, alright…I’ll admit, I’m from the south and am not a huge fan of Paula Deen’s. On more than one occasion, her recipes have been categorized as “non-repeat” offenders in our household. That being said, I do have a few … Continue reading

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