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Christmas at the coast

Some hate it. I love it. 80 degrees in mid December suits me just fine. On the final leg of our “Christmas 2008 tour”, we stopped by Eulonia to spend a few days at the coast. Seafood and burgers, a pier-side … Continue reading

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Christmas 2008

We’re back…four Christmases, five pounds heavier, six days later, and with enough toys to fill a small village. We visited with 49 family members, took 857 pictures, and had the time of our lives! Christmas #1 was spent in Athens … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from the Harvey’s!

We’re off to Athens and Waycross to celebrate the holidays with our family and friends. Because of our travels, Santa made an early trip to our house to drop off a chair for MR and a sewing and embroidery machine … Continue reading

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No she di’int

Oh yes she did…MR snubbed Santa for the second time on Friday night. Out of 15 kids, she was the only one to cry.  Out of 15 moms, I was the only who got to join their precious child on … Continue reading

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That’s how Mary Reese says “hot”. Wednesday night, I screamed that word and many others when I accidentally touched a hot, right out the oven, cookie sheet. Deserting my pan of cookies, I ran outdoors and let out a series of … Continue reading

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Little Miss Manners in the making

This little booger bear has had me in stitches all day! “Pweas” and “dank dew” have scored her two mini candy bars, a long ride on Ms Rosy, and a game of dress up. If she gets any cuter, she might … Continue reading

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Grandparents: Round two

One of the best things about being back in Georgia is that we are surrounded by our family. Last weekend, MR got to spend time with Gran C and Big Daddy in Athens. Four day later, she got more grandparent … Continue reading

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Five days in one post

I’ve got some catchin’ up to do…five days in one post means that only the most dedicated readers (meaning those related to me or G) will read this in its entirety. Regardless, here goes… Last Thursday I took MR to Athens … Continue reading

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