We decorated for the occasion (on a shoe string budget)…

halloween porch 2

halloween porch

A make you feel good, easy project for just $5…buy a straw wreath at your local craft store, wrap sections of grosgrain ribbon around it, and add seasonal embellishments.

haloween wreath

Another easy project… purchase an apple basket from the crafts store; cover it with felt and decorate with fabric, ric rac, and scrapes of ribbon.

halloween bucket

halloween dining room

carved a pumpkin under the watchful eye of sweet MR,

CSC_0358-11-01-09 (238)

CSC_0358-11-01-09 (239)

CSC_0358-11-01-09 (229)

baked goodies for the cousins,

CSC_0358-11-01-09 (219)

attended a Halloween party,

CSC_0358-11-01-09 (157)

dressed up as a fairy princess,

halloween mr

CSC_0358-11-01-09 (191)

CSC_0358-11-01-09 (114)

trick or treated for the very first time,

haloween knock

CSC_0358-11-01-09 (133)

and had lots and lots of fun at the neighborhood fall festival.

halloween fall festival


CSC_0358-11-01-09 (78)

CSC_0358-11-01-09 (58)

Unfortunately, we did most of this without G. He’s on day 7 of the Swine Flu. Send those prayers our way and pray┬áthat MR escapes this nasty bug!

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4 Responses to Trick-a-Treat

  1. Julie says:

    Where did our baby go??? MR looks so growny in that picture where she is sitting in the rocking chair.

    I love the craft lessons. Start giving us Christmas ideas now. :-)

  2. joy says:

    I’m with Julie…we need christmas decorating idea, on a shoestring budget, NOW!

    MR is all growny! Sorry that G is still sick. Here’s to hoping that he’ll feel better soon!

    Love the pictures and decorations!

  3. Clare Winn says:

    I hope that G is feeling better soon!! Her halloween bucket is adorable!! love it!

  4. caren says:

    Carly! You’re so beautiful!! And MR too!
    I swear you’re gonna be famous one day with these super cute craft ideas and super cute clothes!!
    Hope everyone is feeling better!!

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