Four times the Christmas cheer

 Four Christmas gatherings means four times the food, fun, toys, memories, and laughs. And of course, four times the pictures.

Christmas #1:We celebrated Christmas #1 in Blackshear, GA in early December. Mary Reese loved playing with her cousins and mama and daddy loved having the extra set of hands to entertain sweet MR.

cmas with dials

CSC_0049-12-09-09 (79)

Christmas #2:Our trip down south also included a visit to MR’s great grandparents. MR adores her Papa Huey and Meme Vonnie and as usual, they showered sweet MR with gifts and hugs.

Playing cards with Papa Huey

CSC_0049-12-09-09 (147)

MR received her first Cabbage Patch kid from Meme Vonnie and Papa Huey. Aunt Cathy, Uncle Jerry, Cousin Madison and Matthew gave MR a handmade scarf and precious pink tutu.

CSC_0049-12-09-09 (149)

MR and I received matching monogrammed aprons from Meme and Papa Joe. 

CSC_0049-12-09-09 (151)

MR loves to visit Papa Huey’s horses when we are in town.

CSC_0049-12-09-09 (176)

Christmas #3was spent with the my side of the family in Atlanta. This was the first year that Garrett and I have spent Christmas day in our house. Being able to celebrate with my sister and her family made the occasion that much more special. Gran C and Big Daddy and Uncle Brother and Aunt Cookie were kind enough to travel so that we could spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day together as a family. We were also blessed to spend this time with Danny (Garrett’s mom).

In true Harrell tradition, we spent Christmas eve feasting on shrimp, crab stew, and a variety of delicious desserts. After our meal, we exchanged birdie gifts (gifts purchased for $5 or less).

CSC_0018-cmas time (139)

MR helped me bake this years batch of holiday treats.

CSC_0018-cmas time (106)

CSC_0018-cmas time (153)

This year the little one’s joined the Birdie fun.

cmas cousins

I made appliqued dishtowels as my birdie gift for the girls in the family.

cmas birdie towels

On Christmas morning, MR awoke to a tree filled with gifts and surprises. She also got in a little snuggle time with Danny on the couch. After we opened gifts, we headed to Julie’s for yet another round of Christmas cheer.

Homemade cookies for Mr. Claus

CSC_0018-cmas time (102)

A festive garland celebrates memories from Christmas past.

cmas garland

Christmas Eve PJ’s

Cmas pjs

2009 Christmas Card

cmas card

Christmas morning

CSC_0018-cmas time (117)

MR’s Christmas gifts

CSC_0018-cmas time (477)

CSC_0018-cmas time (283)

Keeping warm with Danny.

CSC_0018-cmas time (291)

Christmas afternoon with Nene

CSC_0018-cmas time (333)

Christmas #4:Our final Christmas gathering took place the weekend after Christmas in Griffin, Georgia with Garrett’s dads side of the family. A good time is had by all when the Harvey’s get together. The boys and a few brave girls spent the day hunting quail while the rest of us prepared for the annual Harvey holiday feast.

cmas harveys

CSC_0018-cmas time (356)

CSC_0018-cmas time (383)

CSC_0018-cmas time (390)

CSC_0018-cmas time (413)

CSC_0018-cmas time (408) 

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3 Responses to Four times the Christmas cheer

  1. Joy says:

    Looks like so much fun!!!

  2. kristi says:

    What a beautiful family…………and what wonderful memories! Thank you always for sharing your family with us…….Love the pics and all the goodies….Your creativity is amazing!! love!

  3. Clare Winn says:

    looks like a beautiful christmas!! i love the idea of the birdie gifts:)

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