Thanksgiving round two

Four nights without my sweet baby girl has not been easy. Mama always said that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. She was right. I didn’t accomplish half of what I set forth to do with my free time.

The highlight of today was a milkshake from Chick-fil-A, a solo ride around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, and a holiday marathon on Lifetime. Because I desperately need to accomplish something on my list, I’ve returned to my old trusty blog. Im still playing catch-up from Thanksgiving…

After our trip to Trinity Oaks farm, we were back in the car again for Thanksgiving round two. This time we were headed to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a few days of sight seeing and adventure. We enjoyed the scenery and food, as well as the time we got to spend with Aunt B and Danny.

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (326)

Heading to Cades Cove

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (12)

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (535)

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (13)

A trip to the fair

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (415)

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (426)

Walking to the indoor waterpark


We arrived back in Atlanta on Thanksgiving day to a home-cooked meal by Uncle B. He pulled out all of the stops including sweet potato souffle, squash casserole, fresh green beans, and a delicious homemade pecan pie. Saturday was spent in Athens with Gran C. The trip also included MR’s first dining experience at the Varsity. And Sunday was spent decorating the house for Christmas.

There. Just in time. I hear yet another Lifetime movie coming on. This one stars Meredith Baxter. She really is the queen of Lifetime.

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (641)

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (648)

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (700)

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (707)

CSC_0015-12-01-09 (677)

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving round two

  1. clare says:

    i love the last picture with MR cute tight and the christmas lights!! you need to enjoy some downtime! xo, c
    ps we had bradley’s birthday party this weekend, and we got LOTS of compliments on your shirt!! i told everyone about how talented you are!

  2. Alexe says:

    I have 3 Lifetime movies that I ALWAYS watch whenever they are on :) Bad to the Bone, Co-Ed Call Girl and the Hampton’s one (can’t remember the name)! But yes, ole Meredith Baxter is the queen!

    Love the pics C! You really are the cutest family EVER.

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