Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

Boiled peanuts,

boiled pn

CSC_0073-sept1 (79)

Fishing on the Sapelo,

CSC_0073-sept1 (55)

Cheering on the dawgs,

CSC_0073-sept1 (72)

Sweet cousins,

mr and ll2

mr and ll

CSC_0073-sept1 (117)


Boat rides,

CSC_0073-sept1 (153)

CSC_0073-sept1 (179)

CSC_0073-sept1 (216)

Good food,


and great company, made Big Daddy’s 60th on the Sapelo the best birthday yet! Happy Birthday Big Daddy. We love you!


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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

  1. kristi says:

    Wow, check out all those great pictures!!! what a beautiful family :)

  2. Julie says:

    It was so fun that I actually had a bit of post vacation depression when we got home!

  3. Clare Winn says:

    looks like an awesome birthday!! such a fun and cute family you guys are:)

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