Five things that make me happy

One silly little girl who loves shoes as much as her mama does.

DSC_0001-08-20-09 (3)

DSC_0001-08-20-09 (10)

mr heels

Two trips (and counting) to the big-girl potty.

CSC_0042-08-25-09 (118)

Three precious cousins who love each other dearly.

CSC_0042-08-25-09 (101)

Four birthday celebrations this weekend,

Reynold’s second birthday in Griffin, Georgia

CSC_0022-08-28-09 (71)

CSC_0022-08-28-09 (61)

Boss’ first bulldawg birthday

CSC_0022-08-28-09 (100)

CSC_0022-08-28-09 (127)

CSC_0022-08-28-09 (144)

CSC_0022-08-28-09 (155)

and five fabulous years spent with my wonderfully, thoughtful husband, who surprised me with my first pair of  cowboys boots for our anniversary!

CSC_0022-08-28-09 (38)

Grandparents take note…this sweet little cowgirl has placed red cowboy boots at the top of her birthday wish list…

mr boots

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6 Responses to Five things that make me happy

  1. Gran C says:

    Gran C votes yes on the cowboy boots, they are a lot cheaper than the new ride for Reynolds, (which is what I really want them to have).

  2. Kristi says:

    Love the pics…….What a beautiful family and remind me to take her shopping with me next time I need shoes :)

  3. Joy says:

    Keep up the potty training! It is incredibly difficult in the beginning, but SO WORTH IT in the long run! Yeah, MR–she’ll be trained before you know it! And not buy diapers for 2 year olds is a wonderful feeling!

  4. Julie says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about the BOOTS! They are awesome, and you know your poser big sis will be asking for a pair for Christmas now. Love them, love this post, and love you!

  5. Anthony says:

    Congrats on finally getting those boots….and making a new cowboy friend at the boot store!

    Did you guys buy any of those deer heads that were hanging on the wall? I think one of those things should be next on your wish list! :)

  6. Clare Winn says:

    i love all of your favorite things!! so sweet, congrats on your anniversary!

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