A quick update with the promise of more to come!

Im a week behind in my blog updates. In that time, we celebrated two Georgia wins, the life of my great aunt Mannie who passed away last Friday, and sweet Mary Reese who turns two on September 26.

Things have been super busy around here! I’ll post birthday pictures later in the week, but for now, here are some pictures from last weekend. Our good friends Jay and Alina drove down from Columbia, SC to help cheer on the dawgs!

go dawgs

Our sweet friends Jay and Alina and thier little girl, Brenley. We met them in Lowell, MA shortly after getting married. Ourt girls are two weeks apart in age.


CSC_0105-09-18-09 (32)

CSC_0105-09-18-09 (50)

CSC_0105-09-18-09 (33)

Alina and the girls.

CSC_0105-09-18-09 (19)

CSC_0105-09-18-09 (11)

A Bulldawg pregame dance off!

CSC_0105-09-18-09 (21)

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2 Responses to A quick update with the promise of more to come!

  1. Julie says:

    LOVE that pic of MR in the laundry basket.

  2. Clare Winn says:

    love the tailgating and friends, so fun!!

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