New York, New York

Other than rain on the day we arrived, we couldn’t have asked for better weather in the New York. Sunny skies and a city full of fun and food kept us on the go. We averaged about 70+ blocks a day on foot. When we weren’t walking, we were eating…

Some of our favorite restaurants along the way were:

* Coppelia’s in Chelsea: the beef empanadas were to die for!

* DBGB: awesome beer selection; the Vermont Links were AMAZING; great burgers too!

* Carnegie Deli (we ate here for Thanksgiving lunch): it’s a landmark and a total tourist trap, but worth the trip for the onion rings and deli sandwiches. The portions are HUGE. Be prepared to split an entree and accept the fact that you will leave with the desire to unbutton your pants.

* Pastis: One of my all time favorites, despite reading lots of negative reviews. You can’t beat the ambiance or the french toast with fresh fruit. The caramel pudding was also a hit!

* Little Italy: I know…it’s shunned for being another NY tourist trap, but I adore it! Love the outdoor eating areas, the bakeries and cafes, and especially the Italian speaking men who lure you into their restaurants. Since it’s close to Chinatown and Soho, G and I took the subway in and spent the morning exploring the area. Hard to resist a “only one damn dolla” sale…

Later in the day, we returned to Little Italy with Danny, Hannah, and B for dinner at Cafe Napoli and coffee and cannolis at Caffee Roma.

* Wolfgangs: G and I have been chasing the perfect steak ever since we ate at Portland City Grill in Portland, Oregon. While our search is far from over, Wolfgangs offered great service, excellent appetizers and sides, and HUGE, juicy steaks.

* The Breslin- loud and crowded, but worth it for the lamb burger and the thrice cooked chips!

Some of our favorite places:

The Gansevoort in Chelsea: such a fun, trendy hotel! The rooftop pool and bar are straight out of a music video…The modern decor is just what this tired ole mama needed to feel young and cool.

Chelsea Market: located near our hotlel, this urban mall became our “go to place” for basic needs. We had breakfast there one morning and even met a good ole Georgia boy in the markets wine store.

Greenwich Village- Quite possibly my favorite spot in the city to people watch and take it all in. There was a pianist playing in the middle of Washington Square Park the day we stopped by.

There were also a few heavy hitting chess players who tried their best to challenge G to a game.

This quaint bookstore is one of many in Greenwich Village. We stopped by on a whim to pick up a few books for the kids: A Sick day for Amos McGee and This is New York.

Brooklyn: We took the subway to Brooklyn and got off at the wrong stop. After walking for an hour or so, we landed in a community of Orthodox Jews. I’m not exaggerating in the least bit when I tell you that we were the ONLY non-Orthodox Jews in the area. It was kinda like walking back in time. After locating one of the few taxis in the area, we headed to Grimaldi’s under the bridge.

Almost a good as the pizza was waiting in line amongst excited tourists and locals who swore by the pizzerias coal-fired brick oven.

The Brooklyn bridge: We took the advice of a local and walked the Brooklyn Bridge after devouring our pizza. I’ve been to NY several times, but up until this visit, had never crossed the bridge by foot.

I screamed tourist, especially when I insisted on pictures like this…

Central Park: Can’t imagine going to New York without spending a day at Central Park. There’s just so much to see…ice skating, street vendors, artists, horse drawn carriages, and musicians, like this one who insisted that I try out his instrument.

Don’t I look like a natural? Pretty sure he regretted his decision as soon as he put it in my hands and I began to pose for pictures.

FAO Schwartz- it’s a good thing we left the kids at home because they would have gone nuts in this store and we, of course, would have gone broke. We picked up a princess memory game for MR and a New York firetruck for the little man.

The High Line: a new favorite; the park is built on a historic freight rail line above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. Next time, I’ll grab a coffee for our stroll.

Other Noteworthy things:

The Subway: I hold the New Yorkers who take the subway in high regard. I want to understand the different trains and where they go, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t and probably never will. Regardless of my inability to navigate it, I enjoy the subway. I love the idea of sitting on a train with a complete cast of strangers. I love the conversations; the crazy homeless man that always seems to find his way on our train; the bundled up kids who hold on for dear life; and the fact that it is one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to get around the city.

Cabs: G would go to NY just to ride in the cabs. He enjoys the speed, the bumpy roads, and the fowl language that most of the drivers speak.

Thanksgiving Parade: G and I spent our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple in New York. We lived in Lowell, Massachusetts at the time (right outside of Boston) and took the train into the city.  We met up with Elaina, one of G’s childhood friends who lived in the city, and spent the day at the parade. Going back 7 years later was amazing! Ironically, Elaina had recently moved back to New York from Atlanta. She lives in a brownstone a few blocks away from the Gansevoort, so on Saturday we met up with her at a nearby bar to watch the Dawgs defeat the Yellow Jackets.

Cheering on the Dawgs at Bill’s Bar and Burger

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  1. caren says:

    LOVE all the pics Carly!! Looks like y’all had an awesome time. NYC is amazing! So glad you all got to have such a fun trip. And really love Hannah’s baby bump!!

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