Ten million strong and growing

While I was busy taking these,

13 weeks

13 weeks front

MR was busy helping herself to a free-flowing buffet of Flintstones vitamins.

mr vitamins

She kindly shared some with Sadie too. And then pitched a major fit when I interrupted the feeding frenzy. This little girl certainly gives me a run for my money these days. She talks non-stop. Speaks her mind. And constantly makes G and I laugh.

I simply cannot wait to see what lies ahead with the arrival of baby #2! As you can see by the first two pictures, I am growing more and more excited by the day.

Lunch time on the porch is always a special treat with sweet MR.

mr tea time

sweet MR

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2 Responses to Ten million strong and growing

  1. Clare Winn says:

    lunch on the porch sounds awesome! i wish it was warmer here:)

  2. kristi says:

    Great pictures!! Come on mom, if one vitamin is good, imagine what a hand full can do!!

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