Sweet Mary Reese turns 2!

sassy porch

Sweet Mary Reese, you certainly keep us laughing! Because you love to sing “Happy Birthday”, we have celebrated your birthday for over a week now.  We’ve had tea parties on the porch, played dress up, and enjoyed candle topped cookies, cupcakes, and sandwiches! Happy “official” birthday sweet girl, we love you and are so proud to be your parents!

porch tea party 2

sadie tea party

mr sadie tea party


mr brown dress

close up 2


mr cupcake breakfast

petey mirror



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4 Responses to Sweet Mary Reese turns 2!

  1. Julie says:

    LOTS of rehearsal dinner slide show pics in that post.

  2. Clare Winn says:

    that last picture is a riot!! she is getting such a little personality, I love it!!

  3. K says:

    Oh my goodness…she is just too precious! Happy Birthday Mary Reese!

  4. paige says:

    what precious details!
    its allso cute. & little missie in her puddle jumpers…sniff sniff…i miss those days!
    i haven’t been by in a while so i’ve enjoyed catching up!

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